Offering robinia pseudoacacia lumber, decking, woodcarving and products since 2003

Our features

Raw materials

We use only quality raw materials from verified suppliers to produce our products

Unique design

Our products and especially playgrounds have a unique design that is not repeated


We will arrange for you to transport products all over the world so that it is efficient and cost-effective

Wide offer

In our offer you will find a wide range of products from semi-finished to finished products


You can contact us at any time. We will be happy to answer your questions and prepare an offer for you

Tailor-made solutions

We will always prepare an offer and produce products exactly according to your requirements

Our products

See our products what we offer

We offer for sale lumber made of acacia and oak wood

Wheels are a semi-finished product that you can use to make other products

These posts are designed for vineyards or as fencing

Wooden garden furniture has a unique look and will give your garden a beautiful look

In our offer you will find acacia terraces and exotic wood terraces

Woodcarving are uniquely carved and painted wooden figures

Unique wooden playgrounds are manufactured by our company Xperiamus

In our offer you will find acacia terraces and exotic wood terraces

In our offer you will also find hard firewood

About us

XPERIAMUS, Ltd. is a Slovak manufacturing company dealing exclusively with robinia wood.We started specializing in hatching more than 10 years ago. Our main customers were foreign customers, from whom we learned the necessary know-how.