Several wood species have a very high calorific value and rank first among all types of firewood that can be obtained in our region.

Calorific value is a property of any fuel that determines how much energy is released when one unit of mass is completely burned, usually a kilogram is used. Calorific value is one of the basic physical parameters of fuel evaluation. The calorific value is determined using a device called a calorimeter.

Simply put, this unit shows how much heat we can get from a given wood, resp. how much heat the fuel releases during combustion. The calorific value depends mainly on the type of wood, its humidity and quality. In general, the harder the wood, the higher its physical density, weight and calorific value. The quality of wood also has a large share in the calorific value of wood. For example, "drowned wood" (for example, washed up by a river) has a much lower calorific value than the original, even after it has dried completely.


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