Any type of garden furniture is part of almost every garden. From shoe cabinets, through benches to complex gazebos or swings.

Unlike concrete elements for wood, wood is a natural material. It is not so cold in the winter months and does not heat up to such high temperatures in the summer. It is always pleasant to the touch or sitting.

We produce our products primarily from acacia wood, which will last for decades even without surface treatment.

The products from our assortment will bring some relaxation to your village or garden.Those who like picnics can choose from a range of garden sits or gazebos.

If you like barbecues or hangouts with friends on the lawn, our products will make your moments more relaxing or entertaining, whether you are at the cottage or at home.

If you are interested, we can make garden furniture from practically any wood in the world, including exotic woods.

Garden furniture

What we offer?

We offer the production of custom-made garden furniture, including the processing of your own projects. You can send us your drawings, dimensions or even 3D models. We will make the product on request and deliver it anywhere in the world.
We deliver primarily by truck or shipping containers. In the case of a small product, such as a shoe cabinet, we can also ensure delivery by courier.

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