Acacia wood posts are very often used in vineyards or as pens for cattle. They last for decades even without surface treatment and do not mind that they are located in the ground.

Acacia posts are also suitable for fruits, vegetables or trees and you will find them in our offer under the name technical posts. The standardized dimensions are 2.5 x 2.5 cm and we supply them in lengths of 1 - 2 m.

The cheapest and simplest variant of posts are debarked and split posts, which, thanks to the removal of the bark, can withstand weather conditions for decades.

If you are interested in posts that, in addition to their function, also fulfill a design function, you can order sawed posts in length from us.

Acacia posts
Splited posts
Choped posts

They are used in vineyards, most often in Bordeau and Tuscany, where they often supply our company. In addition to being used in the vineyards, they are also suitable as a bark for farm cattle.
 cm thick
Length: 100+ cm

from € 1.70 / m

Sawed posts
Traditionally planted

They are used in vineyards, most often in Bordeau and Tuscany, We make them only for custom.
~10 cm thick
Length: 100+ cm

from € 2.00 / m

Technical posts
Technical posts

Technical stakes are used mainly in garden gardens, but also in construction. The standard size is 100 cm. However, the application can also be found when planting young trees or fences.

from € 0.70 / pc

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