We understand stakes in our company as a semi-finished product. These are whole tree trunks that can be stripped of bark or stripped of white and sanded smoothly. These stakes are used as a semi-finished product for the production of other products. Most often in our company, we produce wooden playgrounds, urban furniture or mysterious furniture from them.

A large number of wheels, which we prepare as a semi-finished product, are taken from us by customers abroad, who produce other products from them. You can find our bikes practically all over Europe, but we most often export them to Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

These stakes, which we produce, have different lengths and thicknesses. The minimum batch thickness is 10-15 cm after removing the bark and white. We very often work with a thickness of 15 - 20 and 20 - 25 cm. On request, we can also provide you with thicker ones.

The standardized length is 4 or 6 m. If you need shorter pieces, we can shorten them to the required length directly in production. We deliver finished stakes packed on pallets and ship them by truck or container worldwide.

Acacia stakes
Debarked stakes
Debarked stakes

Deflated robinia stakes between 3 and 4 m are mainly used for the fields, the boundaries of the hunting areas and the pulling of the netting along the roads. According to the technology that wheels come to the ground, you need to specify whether or not a pin is needed.
10+ cm thick
100 – 600 cm long

from € 10 / pc

Abraded stakes
Debarked abraded

Debarked and smoothly polished robinia wheels are the most suitable and most durable. They are non-black, they do not form chips and have a long service life without staining or impregnation.
Smooth finish
8+ cm thick
100 - 600 cm long

from € 15 / pc

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