We have a choice of a wide range of robinia figures for you. Robinia woodcarving is an appropriate addition to the playground, but it can also revive your yard or garden.

Some of the characters in our offer fulfill the role of stables as static accessories, others can be combined in the form of spring swings. In our offer we also have dimensional carpentry products, which usually fulfill the role of rakes or balancing elements.

Woodcarving does not only have to be a part of the playground, but you can also order it to your home. Many smaller carved elements are also part of, for example, park benches, which you will find in the urban furniture section. You can also order such a bench to your home.

We also produce children's spring swings, where the swing includes a carved wooden figure. Such a spring swing weighs only about 30 kg and we can send it to you through a courier company anywhere in the world.


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