Within the given assortment, the company is mainly focused on the production of fresh robinia wood. The timber of other wood species is produced on the basis of specific orders. We also offer constructional timber of various sizes according to customer's requirements.

Robinia wood is suitable for building garden gazebos, workshops, fences or even children's playgrounds. It is durable and does not require any demanding care.

Acacia lumber

Offer of lumber

In our offer of products you will find processed and untreated lumber, which serves as a semi-finished product for further carpentry production. If you are interested, we can supply you with fresh and dried lumber and prisms. The most common dimensions of prisms that are used are 5 x 5 cm and 7 x 7 cm. If you are interested, we can also make custom-made atypical prisms, whether blocks or thicker prisms.
The standard thickness of the boards is 2.5 cm and the boards are 5 cm. We can also prepare other thicknesses according to your requirements.
The width of the boards depends on your requirements. Lengths are most often up to 2 m, but we can also adapt them to your needs.
Our company processes primary acacia wood, but very often we also work with oak lumber. In case of your interest, we can provide you with practically any wood in the world, including exostic woods, and prepare fresh or dried lumber from it.

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