Wooden floors have been a part of the household for millennia. Wood is one of the most common materials in addition to stone, which is used as a building material in the home. Practically all furniture made of wood or chipboard is standard.
Tiles are often used for floors, which are easy and effective to treat. However, if you want to add warmth and a pleasant touch to your home, it is definitely advisable to reach for a wooden floor.

Parquets are made from a large number of woods, but most often they reach hardwoods, which are less prone to scratching and last much longer than softwood floors. We most often come across parquets made of beech or oak wood. In recent years, however, exotic trees have also come to the fore.

Our company can produce and supply parquet from the kind of wood you ask for. Agate wood is not so common in the production of parquet and is therefore all the more unique. It is extremely hard, durable and has a beautiful unique drawing, which is perfectly accentuated by the transparent varnish.


Our offer

Parquets are exclusively custom production for our company. We start producing them only after placing a specific order. They are too unique to just stand in stock and wait for their owner.
We can make the shape of parquet you require - you can enter your dimensions, sizes and thicknesses of parquet.
You can also request wood from which we have to make parquets. The delivery time of parquets depends mainly on their quantity and on the type of wood to be used. We can deliver beech, oak or agate parquets to you anywhere in the world within a few weeks. However, the delivery of parquets from exotic woods will take a little longer.
According to the ordered quantity, we will then also specify the method of transport. Smaller quantities can be delivered by a courier company that will take packages up to about 100 kg. We solve larger quantities by individual transport by truck or shipping container.

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Specify your requirements and we will prepare a tailor-made price offer and agree on all the details.

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